2020-08-05 - 2020-08-06

Yesterday finished section 3.F exercises, and read through chapter 4 + exercises, today read through chapter 5A + exercises. Generally seems like diminishing returns given current mindset + working through material I already know, will need to adjust moving forward.


Read through problem to get context, commerelial "hearing" of words. Noticed I had an expectation of the named bases being mentioned that went unfulfilled and so jumped down to the end to find them referenced. Was uncertain of row vs column definitions for M(T), best described as a "lack of confident answer". Patrodola but less pressing?

Chapter 4

When reading through intro matter, feels mostly like a commerelial conversation with no notable texture, but there's a sense in review of confidence that I "have" the context and there's nothing I missed. Absence of confusion? Reading "division algorithm for polynomials" in chapter goals invoked an entational notion of complex conjugation to get a complex number out of the denominator.

Chapter 5

Seeing "invariant subspaces" in the chapter goals, I guessed that's refering to a subspace closed under some operator, but a definite feeling of "lack of referent" that seems to correspond with the fact that it was a guess, not an inference/conclusion or a memory.

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