Reviewed notes and skimmed through intro material in QFT in a nutshell, decided on a more high-level picture approach to the mathematical prerequisites so I have a sense of "where to look" down the road, focusing on a more "full" notion of understanding when I get to the physics. Read Axler 5.B-6.B.

5.B ex 10

Reading to make sure I understood the exercise, had an entational polynomializing and valusing λ factors through.

5.41 proof

In paragraph starting "suppose (b) holds", read "invariant under T" and "summoned" a valusing of an eigenvalue out of T


In verifying the linearity of x ↦ x · y, snippets of valusing over dot product definition and the result "looked" linear

6.B 13

Experienced an entational array of v1..vn in reading problem statement.

Coining ordiation for the "summoned" "snippets" of mental activity

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