Section 7.A exercises - 8.A, excluding exercises. Focused on ordiation and positive components.

7.A 1

Vague entational restatement of definition of adjoint, felt a need to confirm (missed the feeling itself!)


Entational valusing, set up the equation and switch sides w/conjugate symmetry, seemed perhaps borderline between ordiation and voluntary solving?


Apparent distinction between a "memorized fact" about a basis needing to be orthonormal for the theorem vs actually getting why

7.31 a

Ordiated "breaking apart" v into its projection + other component


Ordiated commerelial "because T is self adjoint" when the spectral theorem was applied


Had to reread several times, finally the formula "slid into" a form of decomposition I recognized

Rescanning sentences until "satisfied", some feeling of (pre-conscious/near-conscious?) "grasp"? Maybe ordiation is a side effect/proof of this when less confident?

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