2020-08-14 Weekly Review




Keep in mind

Action items

Raw brainstorm

Ordiation is key theme, plus its relationship to having a "grasp" on the subject.

Secondary theme of different perspectives/notions for thinking about a thing (formal vs informal in the case of projection), and the correspondence/relationship between those.

Found myself seeking motivation for material I "got" but didn't care about… Action holds the grasp together?

Observing myself learning requires a significant level of effort/attention… Or perhaps the other things I do don't require much at all?

Signs of perceptual expertise… Would I have noticed the fleeting ordiations that were barely coherent? Will I notice them further later?

Need to read up on predictive processing!

Is "reading to understand" setting up the context for what follows?

Checking that terms are well defined, steps make sense.

Need to pay more attention to the qualities of these experiences! Where are they?

Fairly sensitive to cycle length… M-F seemed too short while Sa-F seemed perfect.

Is strush repeatable? Is it the same thing here as it was originally?

Workspace theory!

"Building up an accumulated state/perspective/stance"

Drill deeper into positive aspects… Decomposable into different pieces? What is the "satisfaction" feeling?

Is there a "that makes sense" vs "I can use that" distinction?

Need to find non-math examples! Something in personal life or other intellectual pursuits?

Worth exploring the border between ordiation and more explicit processing?

Review ecological perception, esp. affordance and ball catching

Still need to dig into how understanding changes over time… How do I feel about operators now, vs when I started the book, vs at the end? Look for what's coming next!

Can I probe the implicit context/make it explicit? Is there more there?

Under what circumstances do I ordiate? How involuntary is it really?

Ordiation as validation that my "grasp" works? Or just a side-effect/"leaking" through? Do I need to attend to it for it to be useful?

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