Shea's Home Page

Warning: This page is out of date (last substantial modification 2021-04-13). Check back later for more info

Hi, I'm Shea! Welcome to my personal website!

I'm VP of Engineering at Scarf, helping open source maintainers and their users connect for better software and better relationships. I'm the maintainainer for Nomia, a system for precise, efficient resource management across every domain and resource type, which I currently develop as part of my role at Scarf.

I am also working on ConSciEnt, an effort to learn more about how consciousness works and see what I can build from what I learn. Right now I'm focused on understanding free will in my Vultolysis project.

I write longer-form sporadically on my blog, and much shorter and less sporadically on twitter. My username is shlevy on most sites.

I live with my wife and two sons in Durham, NH.